How To Make The Most of Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

Who doesn’t want to create unbeatable Facebook ads? Everybody does!

But only a few people know the secrets of creating a robust Facebook advertising campaign. No worries. We are here to share our knowledge and will do so to help others make the most of their Facebook advertisements. As Facebook is all set to garner revenue of $4 billion over click-through ads, you can easily use this platform to take your business to the next level through advertising. 

Before we plunge right into the nitty-gritty’s of Facebook ads, you should know something first. 

What’s the purpose of creating ads on Facebook?

Unlike Google or other platforms, where people seek products/services to buy, Facebook ads are more like display advertisements focussed on generating interest. You should keep in mind that people mostly come here to chat, connect with others and indulge in discussions. If you expect them to buy directly from your ads on the social media channel, you’ll be disappointed. 

However, you can generate interest regarding your brand with the help of your ads and raise queries. Don’t expect them to commit instantly or purchase from your website, even if you direct them to it. They may not even go to your website, let alone buy from it. So what should you do? Well, you can get them to sign up for newsletters and promotional stuff and upsell your products through email marketing later. Subscriptions and smaller deals work best on this platform, and you can always optimize the same for the benefit of your business. 

So the basic thumb rule is, generate demand before you seek commitment on Facebook. 

How do the ads work on Facebook?

The social media giant offers a plethora of advertising options to marketers. But you should how to target your ads properly, as they work mainly based on the users’ demographics, location, preferences and other profile details. Most of this information is available only to Facebook, so you need to use the general qualities of your audience to target your ads effectively. 

Interest targeting is the most difficult part of targeting advertisements on Facebook. While broad category targeting is suitable for a large group, precise targeting deals with specific interests of the users and should depend on more accurate data about your potential audience. Research on their likes, preferences, magazines they read, people they follow and other specific details to target the ads accordingly. Selecting large groups for precise targeting is one of the commonest mistakes that you can make, so be careful. 

How to make the most of your Facebook ads

  • Use attractive images – Images are the first thing that your users will notice about your advertisement. So pull up your socks and create some unique ones. 
  • Use readable fonts – Let your creative juices flow elsewhere and keep the fonts clearer and more readable at first glance. Generally, that’s what it takes to catch the eyes of the users – a single glance. 
  • Develop unique ad copy – Although your creativity is limited to a 25-characters headline and a 90-characters copy, you should make the best of it to attract the users within a few seconds. Draw their attention with the headline and develop an interest in the copy by stating the benefits of your products/services. Don’t forget to put up a clickable Call-To-Action at the bottom of the ad. 
  • Set your bid at the low end – While starting, it’s safest to bid lower in the range that Facebook offers. As your CTR increases, the suggested bids will reduce, so keep optimizing your ads continuously. 

Do you have any queries about how to create a successful ad campaign on Facebook? Feel free to reach us, as our marketing experts will be more than happy to resolve them.