What Affect Google AdWords can have on your Organic Results

Everyone knows that Google Adwords can affect your organic results. But how exactly does it work? First of all, it doesn’t have any direct effect on organic rankings. Still, there are many things that Google has no complete control over, which cause organic and paid to intersect. Let’s see some of them here:

1. Searchers are more likely to click when they see an ad

Searcher, when coming across an ad, are more likely to click on an organic listing. Also,  they are more likely to click if they witness a high ranking organic listing for a particular ad, which they are already familiar with.

2. Searchers will click if they are exposed to the brand previously

Searchers who are exposed to any particular brand via paid search are more likely to click on organic content. Note down that a higher CTR and a higher engagement will result in improving the website ranking.

As a smart digital marketer, you need to prepare the list of people who have clicked on a paid ad and later saw a good organic ranking of your brand. They have more chances of getting inclined toward the brand or associated with it in a stronger way.

When people hear the name of a brand for the first time, are less likely to click, engage and buy. This makes paid exposer critical before any sort of organic exposure.

3. Paid results impacts organic CTR

Your paid ads immensely affect your organic click-through rate when users search for certain queries. Usually, paid search on an average gets 3% of all clicks out of all paid searches result. While sometimes organic is between 47% and 57% in all organic click. At some time there are several searches that don’t have paid clicks while in other cases paid ad gets a massive amount of traffic.

In certain queries, you will find that paid ads can change the click-through rate for entire SERP and also CTR opportunity for the specific keyword.

4. Increase links, coverage, mentions and sharing to improve organic rankings

This kind of sharing provide social media coverage to the brand. This thing sometimes directly and indirectly help increase brand visibility and boost rankings. So, you can easily grow engagement of the website by providing a compelling experience and amplify share and likes. Sometimes content that can offer visitors value or solve their queries is of great importance rather than commercial intent.

You can also send sponsored PPC clicks directed to your different social media pages. These followers will stay there by the time you are offering them interesting and valuable content.This way you will not only grow the followers but will encourage them to share your content

The above-discussed ways are the strongest ways in which Google AdWords affects your organic results. Paid Ads indirectly help you increase brand visibility, maximize traffic and website ranking. Don’t think them as separate parts of digital marketing rather consider them a powerful way to target new leads. Blend them strategically to expand your audience reach.

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