Our client Starcomp was struggling with getting and gaining organic traffic which was causing them a lot of headache, adversely affecting their online presence and thereby sales. Now, this was going on for quite some time having a negative impact on their business until we came to the scene & start delivering as we took on their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service work endeavour. 

We analyzed what went wrong with their ongoing previous strategies, how we could mitigate the same in order to bring them the best possible outcome in terms of gaining maximum visibility & outreach so as to boost natural traffic & propel their online business presence in the forefront in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 

  • Industry: Gaming Computer & Accessories
  • Project Timeline: 01 Year
  • Platform: E-commerce Portal

Our Approach & Workflow

Our highly experienced & proven experts in the realm of SEO who have worked with many companies & brands proving their mettle over the years worked out the issues from the inside-out bringing their A-Game into play and brought forth some exceptional results, all through unpaid & sheer natural & organic means.  

Based on what exactly would work out for their business given their business type & the niche Starcomp is operating on, our elite unit of SEO oracles devised out a proper plan as to how to move ahead with the proceedings combining SEO best practices, all White-Hat methods, so that not only the objective of achieving organic traffic is met but to also ensure that the rankings thus gained are sustainable and there to stay.


The results were there for everyone to see as sales rocketed & the floodgates of organic traffic opened big time. At the end of the day, the client was really satisfied & we were content with the efforts we have put in to please our esteemed client.