Privacy Policy

Right to privacy is an ideology that gives freedom one of its wings. Expert Marketing Studio is a believer of this ideology and we respect our customers’ personal choices. But for the conduction of efficient services, using minor details and preferential habits are quite crucial. So to avoid any and every chance of ethical conflicts based on infringement of clause or beach in privacy, Expert Marketing Studios has laid down a list of the lucid yet effective privacy policy for safeguarding the mutual trust between the firm and its customers.

Cookies are the smaller units of data transaction between the website and the customer’s end. The website sends the cookies through the browser to the device to get information about the user. You can either accept or deny the cookies sent by the Expert Marketing Studio server. However, denying the passage will restrict you from accessing our website to its fullest extent.

Expert Marketing Studio is very particular about the privacy of our loyal customers. We respect personal rights & claims and we also know the risk of information leakage. So, to keep all the aspects private and proficient we have come up with an outline. This outline will give the customers a clear & transparent understanding of the purpose, collection, protection, and communication of the information.

This is the privacy policy of Expert Marketing Studio. The ensuing are the guidelines we follow

  • Firstly, the collection of personal data is solely done for the purpose of betterment of service. We will do so unless the production of compulsive & comprehensive legal directive against it.
  • Secondly, the retention of personal data spans until the fulfillment of the purpose only.
  • Thirdly, only legal and slated methods are used for data procurement.
  • Fourthly, we will collect data which are purposeful, up to date and accurate. If not, we do not collect such information.
  • Fifthly, we vouch to protect the personal information of the customers from our end against unauthorized access, usage, theft and altercation.

Expert Marketing Studio makes sure that your confidentiality remains intact and you get the most satisfactory service from our end.