11 SEO strategy trends that are set to dominate the digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization Promotion has become essential for people who need to be blasting entrepreneurs in the Digital world. Eventually, it is not that important to promote your website and application by paying huge dollars to get the customers. There are quite easy ways to market your business with minimal effort. In this world of everyday inventions, you tend to see vibrant personalities earning million dollars by just promoting their business for free. There is no such need for marketing your invention by making use of press publicity techniques or buzzing around social media

Here you get 11 simple SEO strategies to dominate in the market.

  • Start Building a Microsite or Teaser Website- Make use of modern technologies like Snapchat, Path or anything of your choice, to present your business to the audiences on the web. You may take one or two pages of the same. 

Alternatively, you need to collect some of the email addresses of the people around you. To let them know the exact launch date of your products and/or services.

  • Create a Blog and Share your Content- With the help of interesting content, draw the attention of the people to your upcoming event. You can attach it to the microsite that you have already developed. Use various social platforms, to showcase your blog and promote your website frequently.
  • Develop a Product or service Video- Try creating your product or service video that should highlight the creativity and the thought-provoking part of it. Make the story something personal by the way in which the people can very well grasp the concept and identify it soon. You may also utilize the Press publication process.
  • Review Websites & Bloggers- You can also try to pitch towards the service/product review websites for generating buzzing traffic for your app. Make use of the bloggers to write on the niches that suit your concept.
  • Recruit Customers and Use Voicemail- You can manually recruit customers by reaching local schools, health centers, libraries, and other similar spots. Grab the audience also by making use of the speaking opportunities and voicemails to highlight the topic of your business. 
  • Use Podcast or Dubbler- You may publish your business-related queries on iTunes or post blogs using Doubler. Which is another perfect way to market your stuff? Alternatively, you may even create a ‘how-to’ series accordingly.
  • App Store Optimization and Email Signature- You will need to make use of the feasible option of app store optimization. Along with it, provide a captivating one-liner app description with a link to download your email signature. 
  • Run an appealing Contest- You can run a contest by making the people share and like your services. And, product related to your business, with a winner for a stipulated period. Also, try applying for rewards.
  • Just Ignore Negative Reviews- Don’t get obsessive about it and try dealing only with satisfied and happy customers.
  • Integrate social activities within your app- It is also the ideal way to highlight your privileged service first.
  • Search Engine Marketing- Using the help of search engines like Google to advertise your website is called Search Engine Marketing. Simply put, it is a Pay per Click method. You pay the search engine providers for advertising your website.

Never consider customer acquisition as lower than the actual cost of the search engine optimization service. The process of earning your customers begins too early, even before you bring your services to the market. Hence, follow these simple steps to gain acknowledgment of your invention.