The trending SEO approach is not following default or recommended styles but customization!

The digital front is like a life form that is evolving with every passing second. Being flooded with an expansive bloom of new websites in every generic domain, the fight for supremacy has become an everyday joust. The main motto of every website is to get the attention of the customers as much as possible by acquiring a high rank in the SERP. This is where the new SEO approach comes into play. SEO controls the visibility factor of the websites by fine tuning their content and marketing sensibility in order to beget better profitability. But a default or basic walkthrough SEO is no more a valid option. This is because every website, though belonging to a certain genre, has its own agenda, motivation, history and resources.

So it is a duty of the SEO service provider to cater the best form of deliverance to the clientele according to their request and make it flourish in the current timeline. For this reason customization of SEO approach is very important.

The first point that we must take into consideration is the reason for doing the optimization other than page ranking betterment. There are many reasons for that and holding onto one we must start our tailor cut approach.

Some of the reasons for wanting to do SEO are

  • Competition between new & old websites
  • Difference between new & old contents
  • Disparity in scales of business
  • Geographical spread of the endeavor
  • The aiming domain type (ecommerce, social, entertainment, informative etc.)

By following a certain reason we can produce strategies with less hassle and more effect. For instance, a new website will require a basic SEO while the old will require a technical redo; an enterprise will require a planned approach while a small biz will require just an entrepreneurial outlook;

So then what will be the strategy for formulation a customized SEO approach for clientele?

  • Listen well. It is very essential to get knowledgeable about the background and roots of the client website. This way we can budget the scheme well with favorable outcome.
  • Know the priorities. The need of the clientele is very important. If a website requires internal SEO to achieve its goal and is given a marketing SEO, according to the basics, then it is failed plan. We must definitely sort out the priority of the client’s business.
  • Search for momentum. It is very essential to find the customer magnet of the client else we can end up spending futile efforts on the lame parts. By latching the SEO propositions on the right limb we can generate a lot of productive marketing momentum.
  • Know the competition. To know the rivals is the best way to cook up a strategy. By calibrating the competitive edge and learning the rival’s strategy an astute SEO approach could be landed.
  • Results from the past. By studying a detailed report of the SEO strategies used in the past, we can devise the latest SEO by adding the positives & subtracting the negatives all while garnishing some brand new features.
  • Data managing. Have the correct and accurate data about the client and the latest trend is the best way to prosper. For SEO approach data resources like webmaster tool, search engine traffic updates and user listings are essential.
  • No false promises. The SEO service should only be provided after complete inspection of the clientele and compatibility factor of our firm. We must never make hefty promise if we do not have the parts to deliver it.
  • No blanket proposal. The SEO proposal must be a flexible one or else the whole point of tailor cutting is for naught.
  • Clear contact. The contact reference of the SEO firm must be clear to the clientele. It must not have any ambiguity or bad client service.

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