5 Ways To Advertise On Facebook During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought down the hammer on many business sectors like tourism, retail, electronics, travel and hospitality. While an economic crash is unavoidable under the current circumstances, we can always optimize the marketing tools in hand to generate demand afresh. As the lockdown phase gets over, businesses will gradually raise the shutters and normal conditions will be restored. What businesses can do now is keep on marketing their products/services to generate interest from scratch and assure their target audience that they are here, no matter what happens tomorrow. 

However, conventional advertising won’t generate much response at present. Brands should work towards enhancing their existing relationships with the customers by connecting, interacting, providing free stuff, offering subscriptions and newsletters and of course, building their email marketing list. When the time is ripe, these actions will optimize their advertising campaigns by keeping their visibility intact. 

Why use Facebook for advertising your brand?

Facebook is one such platform, where you can generate maximum interest for your products/services without seeking big commitments. Purchasing is not on everyone’s mind, and if you try to force the users into buying from you through cold marketing, they will, most probably, flee. You can instead focus on their immediate needs and develop advertising campaigns around those needs to increase your chances of getting high returns on your investment. 

The following tips will tell you how to do it the right way. 

Create carousel ads

With carousel ads, you can display multiple eCommerce products, each with different CTA links, on a single ad. This increases the likelihood of getting clicks at least for one product, especially if it aligns with the users’ interest. For example, many eCommerce retailers today are posting ads for masks and sanitizers along with their dedicated products to catch the eyes of the users. As you can give 10 products on each ad, the chances of getting more clicks invariably increase. 

Build awareness of your brand

If you’re starting, this is the right time for you to build brand awareness through Facebook advertisements. Develop unique content relevant to the current pandemic situation and use motivational headlines and tags to pique user interest. As you can’t expect hard selling through Facebook ads, creating an awareness of your brand will serve the purpose quite well. 

Develop Facebook lead ads

This is the best time for collecting new leads and extending your email marketing list for a more strategic and sales-based marketing campaign later. You can use the Facebook lead ad generating tools to get users to subscribe for contests and free newsletters. In these trendy ads, the users need to fill up a form with their information to obtain immediate perks. As these ads don’t take them outside Facebook to the landing page of your website, your target audience won’t have any issue filling the forms up. 

Advertise benefits instead of products/services

If you want to advertise still, make sure you don’t go out and about with it and refrain from making tall claims about your products/services. People don’t have the time for it now. Change your approach to a more strategic, user-centric advertisement campaign that focuses on user benefits and benefits only. For example, if you are dealer of bathroom tiles, you should advertise the need to stay at home to fight the pandemic and how your products can help make the home look more appealing to the residents. Got the cue? 

Socialize and socialize more

Social distancing is recommended in the physical world, and not on the internet. You shouldn’t let go of this chance to interact with your existing customers/clients, seek to resolve their queries, help them with your effective guidance and motivation and virtually be by their sides at all times. They will remember you even when things get back to normal and probably turn out to be loyal followers of your brand. 

Do you have any other ideas to improve your Facebook advertisement campaign during the pandemic? Or you seek more effective suggestions for the same? Get in touch with our experts to prevent the impending economic fallout from affecting your business!