7 Reasons Your SEO Ranking Is Fluctuating

Was your website ranking well on the search engines and have suddenly come down? Is your analytics report showing a sudden loss of traffic? If you can relate to these, then you must read this article. There are various reasons for the SEO ranking to fall and here let us have a look at those factors.

1. Search History

Google provides search results based on a user’s browsing history to give them a better experience. If a user is searching for something specific and they visit a particular website often, Google will show them the results accordingly. If users are not finding relevant information on your website, they will continuously click on other sites and Google will identify those website’s to be the best answer and show them in the search engine.

2. Geographical Location

Geolocation is a crucial factor for ranking fluctuations. Google always provides the most relevant content to the user and for this Google takes into account the user’s location.

3. Low-Quality Links

Low-quality links are another factor for ranking fluctuation. If your website has a number of low-quality links, then it is likely that the rank will drop. In such cases, you can take help of a good SEO service provider to improve your ranking.

4. Google Algorithm Updates

To improve the search engine usability, Google updates their algorithms a number of times. Though minor updates have never impacted the websites, the larger ones have been disruptive for many websites’ ranking.With the updates such as Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, many websites were negatively ranked which were not in compliance. So, if you want your website ranking to be stable, only use white hat SEO tactics.

5. Wrong robots.txt file

Some make the mistake of using an incorrect robots.txt file. It leads to drying up of traffic. If you are witnessing a fluctuation in your ranking, find out if there is any problem with the robots.txt file or not. Always use the best practices for your robots.txt file and ensure traffic.

6. Outdated keyword strategy

Gone are the days when people used certain specific keywords to find the relevant content. Now, people are using complete sentences that they use for speaking. If your keyword strategy is based on tracking only generic keywords, then this might be the reason, people are not finding your website. Users are looking for you with new keywords and it’s time you update your website’s keyword strategy.

7. Competitors and the SEO game

SEO is not a one time process. It is a continuous process as your website requires continuous optimization.For a website’s rank to increase continuously, the other website’s rank must go down. A website cannot be fully optimized as the competitor’s website is constantly improving for a better ranking.So, if you are noticing your website ranking is fluctuating, then a reason can be that your competitor is performing good SEO on their site.

If you are facing fluctuations in your website ranking, do not worry! We can help you achieve a very good ranking and ensure more traffic. Contact Us for more details!