Google Algorithm Updates Impacting Your Search Results In 2019

Google has been coming up with quite a few updates in its algorithm these days. It’s not a new thing to see the updates popping up and with the official confirmation from Google itself, the Diversity Core Update of 2019 is officially in the books. There’s much to take on this new update and much to discuss about. And it’s something that we think of dwelling on for today, ‘Google algorithm updates and how it affects our search results in 2019’. 

What’s the latest June 2019 Diversity Update?

Something that was being teased upon by Google for long is now finally put into fruition. The update is finally being rolled out and the same has seen quite an impact in the search results already many of the algorithm trackers are seeing a high spike in the graph and the SERP ratings are being affected.

It’s premonition that this update will look to add a quality patch for the search results page and going by what has been going on, it is likely to be true. 

How is it creating an impact on the search results?

It was discussed upon that the June 2019 Diversity Update will create a tweak in Google’s search results where the multiple instances of search results that may appear on the same website on Google’s search page will be curbed with it. Many of us had thought that this may create a minor impact rather than a major one.

Google themselves rolled out the message via their twitter handle as, “Have you ever done a search and gotten many listings all from the same site in the top results? We’ve heard your feedback about this and wanting more variety. A new change now launching in Google Search is designed to provide more site diversity in our results.”

They further reiterated that this new algorithm will help put an end to the two listings from the same website in the top results search of Google search page. However, for instances where the systems from Google deem it fit for two listings to showcase on the same page, they will continue to do so.

What does the future hold then?

Content marketing strategy is one of the most vital aspects of brand marketing these days. It’s the basis for creating more audiences, build a sizeable group of brand followers and more. But with the updates in the Google algorithm, all the work that has been done can be undone within a matter of days. It doesn’t take much for the hard work to change into bonkers.

And that’s what keeping the B2B and many other digital marketers at their toes. As to how will the next Google algorithm update will impact their work and brand endorsement. As per the recorded stats, around 61% of the content marketing issues result because of the change in SEO and search algorithms. We’ve already seen some of the business drops because of this change in algorithm and a host of others also may go down that route. It’s where a precautionary and proper plan for being on the right side of the Google algorithm needs to be done. You can’t always count on the baits, can you?

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