11 Tips about SEO You Can't Afford To Miss

The first thing to understand about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there is no shortcut to getting your website at the top rank of Bing, Yahoo or Google. These take a lot of research, patience and complex algorithms to make the search engine realize that you deserve the ranking in the higher places. Although there aren’t any skyrocket rules to follow. However, there are certain things you need to know in order to optimize your website. You are also required to send the necessary signals to the necessary engine bots.

Here are 11 top Tips about SEO that you simply cannot afford to miss:

  • Page Titles are the most important for obvious reasons and they deserve the first place in the tips. Always keep attention on Page titles.
  • A permanent link structure describes the format for URL for the individual post of a website.
  • Breadcrumb trails are important to be left on all the internal pages. It aids in navigation and should always be present on top of the pages.
  • Internal links are the links that are available on pages that let the users go within the website. Always remember and ensure that they are not leading to any external link.
  • Text formatting might sound silly but it is important to never publish anything without formatting. Also, to learn to use the heading of H1, H2, and H3.
  • The 404 Page contributes to the improvement of user experience which serves the whole purpose of SEO. This page is shown when the user has made a typo error and when the URL doesn’t exist. So with 404 let them know about the error.
Not Enough! Let discuss some more points
  • Image Optimization is important for making the experience of user viable but always consider that image optimization should not create any side effects of slow responses or slow load speed.
  • Get links from other websites, there is simply just no running away from this. Linking or link building is a step everyone needs to follow in SEO. And there are no hard maths applied here, the off-page factors will play an important role in the ranking algorithms.
  • Mobile-friendly web sites will make things easier for the user which will serve your purpose of getting to the deserving place. Making a website is a win-win for the user and yourself. If you look at the data analytics a fine percentage of visits are made from mobiles. Especially in today’s time where almost everyone has got a smartphone and people surf the internet so much on the go.
  • User Sitemap is a list of pages of your webpage. There are 2 sitemaps you should know about, first an XML sitemap that you submit to all the required search engines and second HTML sitemap for helping the visitors.
  • Page Speed is the most ignored tip but it is one of the most critical. Even Google has mentioned its importance several times. The search engine’s only goal is providing the result as fast as possible and if your page speed is slow it is directly hindering their main goal. Hence, the repercussion would be you not getting at the top ladder despite your otherwise successful efforts. 

SEO plays an important to get your website to its deserving place. The term itself is enough to let you know the importance of SEO in order to get your website on the top-ranking positions. 

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