Here’s Why LinkedIn Must be a Part of your Content Strategy

Today, we are going to focus on an important aspect of content strategy that we usually overlook i.e. LinkedIn. For the starters, content marketing strategy basically revolves around working out valuable content. A content that can be exchanged for valuable engagement that can be further measured for that particular value. So, this imperative aspect LinkedIn is a crucial tool that needs to play a tactical role in a content strategy, especially if it’s a B2B business. LinkedIn is essentially one of the top social media channels that can help your business achieve specific objectives.

So, let’s discuss the reasons that clarifies as to why LinkedIn is must for an objective and strategic content marketing.


The biggest priority for marketers is to have a complete understanding of one’s customers. And as buyers increasingly expect tailored experiences, it becomes all the more important. With the majority of businesses and professionals available on LinkedIn, you can gain a lot of information from their profiles and their content feeds. Moreover, by being active in LinkedIn groups, you get to interact with them and learn from those people of your field.

Targeted Reach:

If we take a look at the LinkedIn communities, it involves over 570 million professionals from all over the world. In today’s world, no matter who your customers are, they are certainly available on this platform. By using the different parameters and filters available on LinkedIn, you can refine your research and make your messaging scope focused.

Versatile and Related Content:

Reaching the right people isn’t enough rather you need to reach in the right context. A number of members are on LinkedIn for the very reason that it allows one to discover professional content. About 80% of the B2B social media leads are generated through LinkedIn which makes it the perfect platform to reach buyers and decision makers. When it comes to content, you need to integrate different forms of material and styles to drive social engagement.

Building Relationship:

When it comes to content marketing strategy, you need to have a long term view. Running campaigns and ads surely adds value but building professional relationships outside your office is what you need. LinkedIn is a platform that connects you with business leaders, influencers, and prospects. The best approach to adopt here is, follow their activities, be on their radar and then reach out to them through instant messaging.

Measure the Performance:

Implementing a strategy isn’t enough, you have to constantly measure and optimize them as well. There is always scope for improvement, so test out different formats and images to see which one works best. LinkedIn has a number of tools at your disposal, so use them for who is interacting with your content and how, in order to make the changes accordingly. So, these are the tips that will hopefully help you in making the most of the LinkedIn platform and driving substantial business from it as well.